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RenaClinical has multiple global sites to manage all aspects of clinical trial warehousing & distribution.  The RenaClinical logistics team handle all logistical arrangements form order receipt, dispatch, returns and destruction via their validated electronic warehouse management system

IMP Storage & Distribution

RenaClinical currently serves as EU and Global IMP distribution hubs for several global clients.

Storage and distribution facilities providing controlled ambient, cold chain and frozen storage areas  (15-25°C, 2-8°C , -20°C, -80°C)

  • IVRS/IWRS support and integration

  • Local storage depots in Poland, Spain, Ireland, Australia and UK to offer seamless EU and global distribution

  • A wide range of approved couriers to provide same day, direct, next day and cold chain shipments

  • Validated temperature shipper containers

  • Management of all IMP returns and destruction

  • A 24/7 emergency logistics contact is provided to all clients to manage any unexpected distribution issues during the study. 

Direct to Patient Supply

  • RenaClinical has established an approved courier to manage all direct to patient supplies across the UK & EU

  • RenaClinical currently provides a direct to patient supply chain for a well-established UK client

Controlled Drug / Narcotic Storage & Distribution

  • Authorised to handle Schedule 1 to 5 Controlled Substances

  • Management of Importation & Exportation Licenses

  • Significant experience in importation, exportation and storage of medical cannabis (THC/CBD) and hallucinogenic products

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Global infrastructure 

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